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Producers of the highest marbling, fullblood Wagyu sires and dams.

  Crescent Harbor Ranch has bred Wagyu cattle since 1993 with the very first U.S. importation of full–blooded Wagyu females. Crescent Harbor also acquired genetics from the next 6 importations, building the herd’s composition primarily of Tajima strains.Wagyu

Focus on Excellent Genetics
Crescent Harbor Ranch produces the highest marbling fullblood sires and dams using Fukutsuru 068, Sanjirou, Michifuku and Takazakura – the top 4 U.S. bulls in the 2001 National Wagyu Sire Summary – as well as Kitaguni Jr., whose sire, Kitaguni 7/8, won the last all-Japan carcass contest. Plus, useage of Hirashige Tayasu who sired the most registered fullblood progeny in Australia.

At CHR we have an on-site embryo transfer facility – USDA inspected and licensed for embryo production and export.
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  Wagyu Kitaguni

Fullblood lines, Certified 100% Wagyu Beef

Wagyu beef

American Wagyu Association Awards:

2019 AWA Lifetime Achievement Award
2015 President Of AWA
2014 AWA Sire Carcass Trial Champion
2010 President Of AWA
2009 Most Registered Wagyu Fullbloods
2007 Most Registered Wagyu Fullbloods
2006 Most Registered Wagyu Fullbloods
2005 Producer of the Year
2004 Most Registered Wagyu Fullbloods

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