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      Realizing the value of their unique product, the Japanese government banned export of Wagyu and declared them a national treasure.The Production of Wagyu beef in Japan is highly regulated. Progeny testing is mandatory. Only the very best proven genetics are kept for breeding. Realizing the value of their unique product, the Japanese Government banned the export of Wagyu and declared them a national treasure.

Kedaka (Tottori) - this line formed in the Tottori Prefecture from the descendants of the sire Kedaka born in 1959. Typical characteristics of the line include good growth, larger frame type, good topline and overall balance. They are known for their fine, loose skin Dai 20 Hirashige is an important sire of the Kedaka line. His semen is still used although the price per straw is over US $1,000. he gained 84.7 points as an "Ikushu-Taroku" bull which was the highest honor in Japan of the time. The number of registered sons of this bull is very high.

Kochi and Kumamoto - these are red strains, and have been strongly influenced by Korean and European breeds, especially Simmental.


Wagyu plays an important role in increasing the overall quality of U.S. beef

Wagyu beef
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  • Wagyu have high marbling, softer fats, a higher ratio of unsaturated fats, and above all, flavor.
  • Wagyu meat texture is fine.
  • Wagyu carcasses have a high yield.

  • Wagyu are renowned for their outstanding calving ease, especially across other breeds.
  • Wagyu are very fertile – bulls have a high serving capacity at a young age, and females reach sexual maturity at a young age as well.
  • Wagyu are versatile in environmental adaptation.
  • Wagyu generally have a quiet temperament and are responsive to quiet handling.
  • Wagyu thrive in feedlots.
  Tajiri (Tajima) cattle are descendents of Tijiri, a sire born in Mikata District of the Hyogo Prefecture. This is a large, influential sire-line to which almost all strains within the Hyogo Prefecture are related. The Tajiri line has outstanding genetic excellence with finely marbled beef in combination with a smaller frame and lower growth rates.

This line is renowned for good temperament, demonstrated in a large number of sires as well as cows. Famous are the names Kobe Beef and Matsuzaka Beef, from herds produced in Hyogo Prefecture using Tajiri bloodlines.

Fujiyoshi (Shimane) is a line of well-balanced cattle that produce calves with good growth rates and meat quality. They also have a quiet temperament and exhibit a strong maternal ability in dams, which consequently also have high fertility rates. The bloodline started in the Tomada district of the Okayama Prefecture.

While the number of key sires is relatively small compared to other lines, the Fujiyoshi line is listed as a major bull strain because of its excellent beef. Dai 7 Itozakura is a Fujiyoshi line bull, probably the most famous of the line.